Privacy Policy

Shabnam Zaveri, an online e-learning platform for makeup artist and related services, on its own and on behalf its affiliates state that they are the original authors and publishers of this privacy policy updated on the website/apps (hereinafter referred to as the “Website/apps”).


Our privacy policy statement given herein under aims to make it clear and transparent to our viewer about how we collect the information, need for collecting such information and what exactly we do when we collect the information. We believe that any platform collecting information should precisely mention the reasons of taking or collecting the personal data of the visitors and users of the website and to empower you to control your personal information.

We would like to keep you informed that we may change this Privacy Policy as and when required. We will make sure that in case we update our policy, we shall notify the same to you or highlight them on our website. We request you to keep yourself updated regarding the revised terms, if any and stay updated about our practices and options presented to you.

We have kept our policy simple and easy to understand, so we believe that you will understand the terms in the right spirit and abide by the policy.


Applicability of the Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy applies to all our viewers and users of the website/apps. 

  • It applies when you visit our website and agree to use all the services available on the website. 
  • It applies to you when you sign in, subscribe and interact with our brand and use the material uploaded in the website. 

Website/apps does not exercise control over the sites displayed as search results or links from within its Services. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on the Users’ computer, collect data or solicit personal information from the Users, for which Website is not responsible or liable. 

Accordingly, Website/apps does not make any representations concerning the privacy practices or policies of such third parties or terms of use of such websites/apps, nor does Website guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of the information, data, text, software, sound, photographs, graphics, videos, messages or other materials available on such websites/apps. 


The inclusion or exclusion does not imply any endorsement by Website of the website, the website’s provider, or the information on the website. If you decide to visit a third party website linked to the Website, you do this entirely at your own risk. Website encourages the User to read the privacy policies of that website/apps.

What does the policy state?

Read this privacy policy in its entirety to understand the nature and mode of collection of your personal information. Gist of the policy is given below:

What personal information do we collect

  • Contact information
  • Account registration details
  • Payment information
  • Demographic information
  • Online identifiers
  • Location
  • Your personal inferences
  • Other personal information which you voluntary provide

How do we collect your personal information

  • From you
  • From your device
  • From other sources

How do we use your personal information

  • To customize the content and ads you see when you use our Services, the websites of other companies, and in our e-mail communications
  • To provide you with ads, offers, and other promotions from our Website and advertisers
  • To conduct market research and analysis to understand general trends (how many readers do we have? what content is popular? do people prefer video over articles?), our website visitors, how ads perform on our Services (e.g. who clicked on the ad?), and how users engage on our Services (e.g. who read that article?) 
  • To fulfill your subscriptions orders
  • To protect you and us from fraud and other security issues

Whom do we share your personal information with?

  • With our service providers who help operate our Services and provide our services to you
  • With the advertisers who advertise on our Services or partner with us to send you offers, promotions, or ads about products and services that may interest you
  • With third-party data partners that give us additional personal information about you that helps us identify you, deliver relevant and compelling content and services, and improve the performance of our Services
  • When required by law
  • With other third parties, when we have your consent

How can you control our use on your personal information?

  • Opt-Out Policy from our subscription letters or other e-mail list.
  • Deletion of or access to your personal information

Age Restrictions

There are no age restriction on our website. Anyone can access the information available on the website. We however insist parental or guardian supervision 

The inclusion or exclusion does not imply any endorsement by Website/apps of the website/apps, the website’s provider, or the information on the website. If you decide to visit a third party website linked to the Website/apps, you do this entirely at your own risk. Website/apps encourages the User to read the privacy policies of that website/apps.

What does the policy state?

Read this privacy policy in its entirety to understand the nature and mode of collection of your personal information. Gist of the policy is given below:

What do the terms used in the policy mean?



Age restriction

No age restriction, parental guidance suggested for minors.


Shabnam Zaveri

Personal  information

Name, Age, Gender, email id, mobile number, Address


Course Fee

As uploaded in the website against each course or bundle.

Products and services

e-learning platform for calligraphy

What Personal Information Do Our Website/apps Collect?


When you visit our website, we may collect the following personal information from or about you:

  • Contact Information: Your name, phone number, postal address, or e-mail address, mobile number etc.
  • Account/Registration Information: Username and password, reminder questions and answers, subscription and account numbers, and communication.
  • Payment Information: Billing address, shipping address, credit card or bank account number, expiration date, and account/card verification number (when you provide that information to us).
  • Online Identifiers: IP address, advertising ID, unique device ID, and other information about your device, and internal and third-party IDs that have been assigned to you.
  • Location Information: We Collect Information about your precise location from your device or information about your general location derived from your IP address, whichever, wherever and however applicable.
  • Internet Activity Information: Information about your use of our Services, your interactions with the e-mails we send to you, and your activities on other websites you visit, including the web pages, content, and advertisements you view and links you click on, and whether you open, forward, or click the links in e-mails we send to you; your browsing history; and social media you use, including the “shares” and “likes” you make on a social media platform that is connected to the Services.
  • Other Personal Information That Consumers Voluntarily Choose to Provide: Any content you submit or make available when you use the interactive features on our Services (like photos and comments), as well as the personal information about others that you may share in order to send others (friends, relatives,  colleagues, etc.) information that may interest them.

Where/How Do Our Website/apps Collect Personal Information?

We collect personal information about you from different modes

  • From You: Some of our Website collect your contact, registration/account information, payment information, and any other personal information when you provide it to us while viewing or subscribing to our website. When you make a purchase on the Services, we also retain a record of your purchases and order history.
  • From Your Device.
  1. Cookies: A “cookie” is a tiny file that’s stored on your computer. It contains a unique identifier, as well as the address and other information about the website you are visiting. Cookies help us know whether you are a returning visitor to our Services. For example, although you may not log in when you visit our Services, we can use cookies to recognize that you have visited that website in the past. By using cookies, we are able to understand what is of interest to our customers and ensure the content and services we offer are relevant and compelling when you visit our Services. In some cases, we may use the personal information we collect from cookies to deliver relevant and compelling content to you when you visit the Services.
  2. Web Beacons, Pixel Tags, and Other Tracking Technologies. Web beacons, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies are small strings of code placed on a web page or in an e-mail or advertisement. These technologies allow your browser to recognize and store certain types of information such as cookies previously set, the time and date that you viewed the page with the beacon, and a description of that page.

Can You Opt Out?

In most cases, yes! There are some cookies that we need in order to operate the Services. If you delete those cookies, the Services would no longer function (as an example, if we can’t remember the items you put in a shopping cart, and then you won’t be able to place an order on the Services). You can always decide to opt out of or delete the third-party cookies (cookies set by advertisers and data partners) on our Services. Keep in mind, if you block cookies, you may not be able to view or access some of the features of our Services. 

  • From Others.
  1. Service Providers. We work with service providers that collect personal information on our behalf in order to provide services to us, such as hosting our websites, processing our credit card transactions, fulfilling your subscriptions and orders, verifying your identity, and other activities needed to help us provide our content and services to you. We only allow our service providers to use your personal information in connection with the services they provide us.

How do we use your personal information?


We believe that any platform collecting information should precisely mention the reasons of taking or collecting the personal data of the visitors and users of the website and to empower you to control your personal information.



  • Contact You.

To send you e-mail and postal mail, including our Brand newsletters, surveys, and other communications.

  • Fulfil your order/subscription request:  
  1. Fulfil your order/subscription requests for products, services, and information (including sending you newsletters via e-mail or postal mail).
  1. We offer products and services you can purchase individually on an annual basis or on a subscription basis. We use the personal information you provide at checkout to process your purchase on our website.
  2. Create and Manage Your Account.
  • Marketing other associated brands/ customized advertisements:
  1. We may use your personal information to market the certain Brands via advertisement during the playtime of the videos to you, as well as the products and services when we have the appropriate agreements in place.
  1. Personalize Your Experience on Our Services, Including the Content Displayed to You.
  1. Customize the content you see when you use our Services, visit the websites of other companies, and receive our e-mail communications.
  2. Remember your browser settings and any preferences you set while using the Services.
  3. Recognize you across our Services so that we may deliver relevant interest-based content and advertising to you.
  4. Provide and Improve the Services.
  • Analyse, operate, and improve our Services (including repairing errors or debugging) or develop new ones.
  • Allow you to participate in features such as surveys, polls, sweepstakes, and message boards.
  • Measure and analyse visitor traffic and usage patterns and improve the quality and effectiveness of our Services, features, and related communications.
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Other Research for Our Advertisers.
  1. Provide you with special offers, promotions, and information from other (as permitted by law).
  1. Understand trends in how the visitors to our Services interact with the ads, content, and features on our Services (e.g. your behaviour on our Services may be included in a general report about whether people prefer video content over written content on our Services).
  2. Help our advertisers reach you by e-mail.
  3. Conduct market or audience analysis and related reporting (e.g. to give reports on who our visitors are and whether the ads displayed are effective).
  • Security and Fraud Prevention.
  1. Enforce our legal rights or comply with the law.
  2. Prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities, comply with applicable law, and enforce our terms of service on the applicable website.
  3. We may use your personal information for any other purposes disclosed to you at the time we collect your personal information, provided we have obtained the required consent.
  4. To protect you and us from fraud and other security issues.

Whom do we share your personal information with?

Service Providers. We engage service providers to provide services such as credit-card and billing processing, shipping, marketing, advertising optimization and interest-based targeting, e-mail and text message distribution, data processing, mobile and website analytics, user authentication, security, and promotions management. We may share any personal information we collect about you with these service providers and authorize them to collect personal information from you directly to support the services they provide to us. We do not authorize our service providers to share or use your personal information with any other third parties.

Social Media Platforms. To make your experience with our Services more enjoyable, we may offer features made available by social media platforms (such as likes or social sharing). Some social media platforms may collect personal information directly from you pursuant to their own separate privacy policies, which may differ from ours. Some social media platforms also act as our data partners, which mean that we may share your personal information with them as described below under “Data Partners.”

Data Partners. Some of our Brands provide select third-party data partners with lists of our user e-mail addresses in a hashed, encrypted, or anonymized form that they use to recognize you. These data partners will provide us with additional personal information about you (such as your interests, preferences, or demographic information). Other data partners use cookies and other tracking technologies to enable the delivery of interest-based advertising to users. We do not authorize our data partners to share your e-mail address with their other clients.

Legal Compliance, Business Transfers, and Other Disclosures. We disclose personal information about users of our Services when we believe the law requires it. For example, to respond to compulsory process or law enforcement requests, to enforce our terms of service for relevant brands, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of users, the public, service providers, social media platforms, advertisers, data partners, or third parties. Over time, we may reorganize or transfer various assets and lines of business. We reserve the right to disclose or transfer any personal information we collect to third parties in connection with any proposed or actual purchase, sale, lease, merger, foreclosure, liquidation, amalgamation, or any other type of acquisition, disposal, transfer, conveyance, or financing of all or any portion of company.

How Can You Control Our Use of Your Personal Information?

  • What Rights Do You Have?
  1. Right to Know: You have the right to ask us to tell you what personal information we collect, use, disclose, and sell about you.
  2. Right to Request Deletion: You have the right to ask us to delete the personal information we collect or maintain about you.
  3. Right to Be Free from Discrimination: You have the right to not be discriminated against for exercising these rights.
  4. Right to Access or Correct Your Personal Information: You have the right to request access to and to edit certain personal information that you have provided to us through our Services.
  • What Other Choices Do You Have?
  1. E-mail. You can opt out from any our e-mail newsletter or other e-mail list by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message.
  2. Opt Out of Cookies: There are a few ways to opt out of or delete cookies:
  • On Your Browser: The settings of the browser you use give you an option to accept or reject most cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is set. This will opt you out of cookies on the browser you are using. If you use multiple browsers, you will need to take this step for all relevant browsers. Please note that denying all or certain cookies may result in a less personalized experience with some of the Services offered on the website.

Age Restrictions:

There is no age restriction on our website. Anyone can access the information available on the website. We however insist parental or guardian supervision

We do not knowingly allow anyone under the age of 16 to provide us with any personal information online. Children should always get permission from their parents before sharing any personal information about them over the internet.

Since the products and services available on the website our based on paid services, we insist supervision of parents and guardian before subscribing or registering for the services.

Other important policy statements:

  • Security measures:

To the extent possible, we maintain our security system to its best. We provide our customers with excellent security measure by ensuring them utmost safety of their information collected, stored and used by us. We state that we take all measure to protect the sensitive personal data from unauthorised access, misuse, damage, transfer, modification and disclosures. All the data collected us are solely for advisory purpose and no information will be transmitted from our side unless required to fulfil our service obligations

  • Confidentiality and secrecy:

The website will not be responsible for authentication of personal information given by the users on the website or to any person acting on behalf of Website/apps.

It is solely the duty of the user to maintain the confidentiality of the user name and password generated by the user at the time of registration and the Website will not be responsible for loss of confidentiality. The users are obligated to store the user name and password for all future connections. The users shall immediately notify, contact or mail Website of any unauthorised use of the user’s account.

Website takes no liability for the loss suffered by the user due to unauthorised use of the information.

If at any point of time, Website suspects or believes that the information provided by the user is inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or becomes untrue, Website reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the services with no refund policy.

 The website may use such information collected from the Users from time to time for the purposes of debugging customer support related issues.

  • Consent of the Parties

You acknowledge that this Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms of Use of the Website and the other Services, and you unconditionally agree that becoming a User of the Website and its Services signifies your (i) assent to this Privacy Policy, and (ii) consent to Website using, collecting, processing and/or disclosing your Personal Information in the manner and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Your visit to the Website and use of the Services is subject to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

  • Dispute mechanism:

This privacy policy binds us into the contract and all the terms of the privacy policy will be governed by Indian Laws applicable at the time of enforcement of this policy.

In case any disputes between the service providers and customers, alternative dispute resolution mechanism will be followed and all the matters will be resolved using arbitration mode as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. In case of non-performance of services, disputes arising from breach of policy, violation of privacy, unauthorised transmission of medical records leading to crucial loss to the customers, the company at its sole discretion will require the disputes to be solved by Arbitration mode of resolution, with the Arbitration seating at Chennai, appointment of arbitrator will be done as per the agreed terms by the parties.

  • Communication details:

In case of any disputes, clarifications, notices, all communications intended to be done shall be via email id: [email protected]

  • Termination of the service:

If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you Services, contact us through [email protected] We will retain your information for as long as your account with the Services is active and as needed to provide you the Services. We shall not retain such information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force. 

After a period of time, your data shall be removed and aggregated, and then may be held by us as long as necessary for us to provide our Services effectively. Please note that your withdrawal of consent, or cancellation of account may result in Website being unable to provide you with its Services or to terminate any existing relationship Website may have with you.

How can you learn more?

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement or its implementation, please contact us via e-mail [email protected]